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Free Templates

Get 5 FREE Welcome Email Templates

What's Included?

5 high-quality .psd Welcome Email templates (plus fonts). Download for FREE and make them your own!


Premium Templates


Unique, Professional Designs

Access to our library of pre-built email templates will help you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time focused on creating content that converts.

Customizable branding, color schemes, and copy

Adjust content for a variety of different campaigns

Modern, effective designs proven to attract customers

Expedite Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing can be a time-consuming process, but these templates will save you hours of work. Designing your marketing strategy is as easy and quick with the use of pre-designed templates.

Editing is easy with our customizable PSD templates

Quickly update designs to fit your marketing needs

Provide consistent quality with each campaign


Product Announcement Email Templates

Promotional Email Templates

  • Unlimited Access

    Get unlimited access to our premium marketing templates!
    • 20 Premium Marketing Templates

One Time Purchase

What's Included?

Our premium marketing templates include access to 20 high-quality, fully editable PSD files to help you craft your next amazing email campaign.

The template files also include any fonts used in the design, making them easy to edit and make your own.

  • Why do I need a logo?
    Brand loyalty is an essential aspect of increasing revenue. Customers will feel more inclined to buy from you if your brand has a degree of recognizability. A strong brand will also build trust with your audience in you as a business or organization.
  • What will I recieve with the basic logo package?
    We will design a custom logo for your online brand. You will receive industry-standard ready to use files that can be used in print and web purposes after the design is complete. You will also recieve full commercial use rights for the logo.
  • Do I need to pay extra to use the logo commercially?
    Nope! You will recieve full commercial use rights upon reciept of your logo.
  • Why should I hire a designer instead of using an AI logo maker?
    A custom logo ensures you recieve a unique and relevant design for your company. Our unique logos are created with the help of professional designers who know how to create an effective brand identity.
  • Can I provide my own images?
    Yes! If you'd like to include a specific image or logo, feel free to include them when you order. Make sure you own the rights to the images you would like to include.
  • Do you offer any other design services?
    We do! From banners and display ads, to custom illustrations and infographics, we offer a wide range of services designed to build your brand. Please send an email to with your request.
  • What's included in the Social Media Branding Kit?
    The social media kit includes banners and logo dimensions for major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us know what platform you use, and we can design a kit.
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