5 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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  1. Wordtune

  2. MozBar

  3. Keywords Everywhere

  4. Grammarly

  5. BuzzSumo



Introduction; Why Use Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing?

Google Chrome Extensions can be powerful tools for digital marketers looking to gain a competitive edge, increase efficiency, and save time. They can also provide substantial insight into your website and those of your competition.

With more than 130,000 extensions in the Chrome store, finding what solutions will best suit your needs can be challenging.

To help make your life easier, I created a list of my 5 favorite Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing. These extensions are incredibly useful and help me do my job more efficiently every day.

1. Wordtune

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Wordtune is a powerful writing companion, perfect for writing emails, website copy, ads, and more. It interprets what you're trying to say and suggests ways to make your writing more clear and effective.

With Wordtune, you can identify words and phrases that will help convey your message better. This is a great tool for digital marketers who have compelling ideas but struggle to translate their messages into writing.

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My background is in writing, and I was impressed by Wordtune's ability to accurately grasp the message of my text while still being able to elevate the wording.

If you want to try out Wordtune without paying or using all its features, they offer a free plan that provides 20 "rewrites" per day. The premium version costs $9.99 and unlocks unlimited rewrites and other useful tools for improving your writing.

2. MozBar

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MozBar lets you analyze websites and search engine results pages (SERPs) in real-time, so you can quickly see key metrics for any page. You'll get instant access to Page Authority and Domain Authority scores of a website from anywhere on the web, as well as link information that identifies traits like follow/nofollow status based on the link type (external/internal, etc.).

This extension also highlights keywords found across different types of content including headings and images with ALT attributes, providing access to insightful information on the fly.

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The interface makes accessing important analytics about website performance straightforward and intuitive. All you need is a single click to access all of your relevant metrics. This means that users can see which areas require improvement without going through multiple clicks or navigating between platforms.

MozBar is free to use, but access to premium features requires a Moz Pro account.

3. Keywords Everywhere

Screenshot of Keywords Everywhere home page header image

Keyword research is a crucial part of online marketing and should be performed to ensure your website ranks above the competition. Keywords Everywhere is a powerful Chrome extension that helps users identify new keyword strategies through their user-friendly interface.

This extension can help your online marketing campaign by providing data on search volume, cost per click for each potential keyword that it finds, trending keyword data, and more. Keywords Everywhere can also display competition data to help you better assess your rankings based on a specific keyword.

Instead of a monthly subscription, Keywords Everywhere uses a "Credit" system for its services. Basically, 1 credit is equal to 1 keyword. Here's a look at the pricing options available:

Screenshot of credit pricing for Keywords Everywhere

Data Courtesy of Keywords Everywhere

If you use YouTube for any of marketing, Keywords Everywhere also displays video insights and tags/keywords on individual videos.

Screenshot of Keywords Everywhere on YouTube

Keywords Everywhere is another great tool that can save you time and prevent the hassle of using different interfaces to access insightful data. As an added bonus, this extension is also available on Firefox.