How to Create a Professional Digital Marketing Logo using Tailor Brands

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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If you're looking to create a professional-looking logo in just a few steps with Tailor Brands, here's a helpful guide.

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The process of designing a logo can feel intimidating to some. Fortunately, there's tons of software out there meant for that very task. One such platform, Tailor Brands, provides an easy-to-use interface with impressive results. I've personally used the software for several designs, and this article will discuss some tips I've learned to help you create a professional digital marketing logo.

Tailor Brands; A Brief Overview

If you're unfamiliar with Tailor Brands, they are currently the largest automated logo maker and design platform in the world. The beauty of their software is you can create something professional and eye-catching with no design experience. In addition to being a logo maker, the site offers a website builder, print store, and more. You can even register your business name and logo as a Trademark through their platform!

16 Million users worldwide Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands has 16 million users worldwide, a testament to the versatility of the software. For some additional options for designing your logo, check out my post, "Should You Hire a Designer for Your Digital Marketing Logo?"

Indicate Your Industry and the Types of Services You Provide

Tailor Brands What Are you Offering menu
Tailor Brands Enter Your Industry

When you're ready to start making your logo at Tailor Brands, you will be asked a series of questions to assist in the design portion of your logo. You'll need to indicate the types of services you're offering to help the AI determine the best match for your particular design. In my case, as a blogger, I indicated "Original Content."

When typing in your industry, the form will automatically populate the closest match to what you've indicated. I went with "Digital Marketing" and decided to include some additional information to help the AI determine a more accurate match for my logo's overall design.

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Pick the Style of Logo You Want

Tailor Brands Choose Logo Type Menu

Next, you'll need to choose the style you want for your design. Tailor Brands has a great guide on using different types of logos here for reference. Basically, "Icon Based," as the name suggests, will allow you to access Tailor Brands' icon database for your logo. Alternatively, "Name" or "Initial Based" will generate a text-based design. Depending on which you choose, you will be taken to one of the following two interfaces:

Icon Based

Tailor Brands Select up to 5 icons menu
Tailor Brands find your icon menu

If you opt for an "Icon Based" logo, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of geometric shapes to help decide on the aesthetic and overall look of your logo. Additionally, if you aren't able to find a shape you like, you can manually search from Tailor Brands' sizable database of icons.

Regardless of whether you choose the geometric designs or manually search for icons, you can select up to 5 to expand upon the auto-generated options for your logo.

Name or Initial Based

Tailor Brands choose 3 styles you love menu

If you choose "Name Based" or "Initial Based," you will be taken to the style selection menu (this is also the step after selecting your icon should you choose that route instead). You can pick 3 styles that best match your design. It's worth noting that these settings can be customized after your initial "automated" logo has been generated, so don't feel too much pressure to select a specific style. For me, this mainly helped narrow down the overall look I was going for while creating my design.

Examples of Automated Designs

After you've gone through these initial steps, Tailor Brands will automatically generate designs based on your selections. In addition to providing countless different styles to choose from, the site will also display examples of how your logo will look with other mediums, like business cards, merchandise, apparel, and more.

Tailor Brands Your logo is just the beginning merchandise and other products

Here are a few example logos generated purely based on the initial questions and selections (with no additional customization on my end):