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Content Writing: The Basics

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

What is a Content Writer?


When it comes to optimizing your blogs or websites, Content Writers have a lot to offer. A Content Writer is responsible for not only providing unique content, but extensive research as well.

Content Writers Produce Engaging Content

  • Blog Articles

  • Email Campaigns

  • Social Media Posts

  • Technical Writing

  • Promotional Materials

  • …And many more!

Though prior knowledge of the topics is always a plus, Content Writers are excellent at research, and are able to produce quality, well-informed articles regardless of the subject matter.

My Job as a Content Writer

As a Content Writer, it’s my job to create thoughtful, optimized content for any of your writing needs. Even if I’m unfamiliar with the topic, I will research your subject and provide in-depth data, all while meeting your deadlines.

Depending on the types of content you’re looking for, I will even deliver multiple quality articles a day, often in a matter of hours. Check out my Rates and Services for more information.

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How can Content Writers Help?

Let’s face it, in a matter of minutes, anyone can create a blog. However, not everyone can create a blog with quality content, SEO driven content. That’s where Content Writers come in. We will produce high quality content, helping your blog stand out from the competition.

Looking for professional, sophisticated writing?

Want fun, conversational tweets sent for your new startup at scheduled times?

Need a tech blog post, geared towards higher SEO rankings within a day?


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